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What exactly is a 1to1 project?

Through a 1to1-project clients are able to assign one specific designer to work on their design, instead of starting a design contest. This possibility is particularly suitable for follow up orders, for example after a logo-project, if the client w..

Why does my design competition show up in results from search machines?

When you start a standard project, you are creating a website that can be visited and indexed by search engine bots. This is useful if you want as many designers to see your project as possible. If you do not want your project to be visible in sear..

How many design submissions can I expect?

The amount of designs received varies based on the amount of prize money, the complexity of the design (a web design is more difficult to create than a logo design for example) and the amount of feedback you provide. On average logo design conte..

Which files do I get from the winning designer?

It depends on the intended use, but it is best to get as many data files from the designer as possible for the design project. This means that in order for a design to be suitable for printing you should get the grapich in CBYK color space as oppos..

Do I have to choose a winner at the end of a project?

You are by no means obligated to choose a winner. This decision should be made public to the designers by using the comment function though. 

What is a design project exactly?

A design project is where a client creates a design briefing specifying what kind of design they are looking for. Designers base their design submissions off your briefing and receive continuous feedback from the design holders. In the end, the cli..

What is is a creative marketplace that connects clients and designers from around the world. We consider ourselves to be a professional and fair platform that provides a win-win scenario to designers and customers. We also offer a logo sh..